Volunteer Welcome Letter


Dear CPR Members and Interested Family Law Reform Activists: 


It is time to take our movement to the next level! 

Incredible momentum is being built through all key areas: legislative, judicial, agency, and the media. Major progress is being seen in the family law reform movement both at the local and national level. CPR is being recognized by national leaders as one of the premier organizations to watch across the country. As compared to other family law reform groups, CPR is known to have stronger, more meaningful, more professional, and more consistent activity and educational projects being completed than any where else in the nation.  


WhatŐs Needed!

We are at a critical juncture in our history as an organization and movement to rise to meet this historical challenge.  To fulfill this mission of family law reform, we need more volunteers. We need you. Make no mistake about it, this will require a great amount of commitment, time, and energy from each of us. 


We are on the cusp of the movement becoming a truly mass movement.  Accordingly, you are afforded a rare opportunity to have an actual place in history by being a committee chair or committee team member now.


Get Active - Be a Hero for Your Kids!

Also, take heart in the fact that you are participating in a historical movement.  You have the very real chance of playing a critical role in this movement and, in that, perhaps have the only or greatest opportunity for you to be HERO for your child(ren) until your parenthood is restored.  Think of the pride your child will have in knowing that you were integral in liberating their generation from this destructive oppression! 


Get Motivated – Make a Difference!

We need your help. Become part of the CPR inner circle by volunteering. Put your interests and expertise to use with volunteer activities we know youŐll enjoy. There is something for you to do to help be a part of this historical change.


If you have experienced the destructive nature of family court, been stripped of custody and meaningful time, and experienced limited access without just cause, itŐs time to stand up for what is right, get involved and help change the system!


If you are a concerned family member or friend (second spouse, grandparent, cousin, uncle, aunt, etc.) who sees the current family court outcomes as something that needs to get changed, itŐs time to stand up for what it right, get involved and help change the system!


 If you are a grown child victim of family court, this is your chance to have an impact and help change the way family court makes decisions.


Do Good for Children!

Take heart in the good you are doing for your children to not only restore your relationship with them as a full and equal parent, but preventing them from becoming adult victims of family court. If we make change, your grandchildren will be protected from being subjected to the same losses your children have suffered; that is, being robbed of one fit loving parent, and unwarranted government intrusion that hurts rather than helps.


Ultimately, CPR hopes to be a leading participant in the post NCP-CP system in terms of policy development and developing effective institutions to deal with the individual and societal trauma suffered by NCP's, their children, and their relationships.  So, not only are all volunteers that we can get needed, but so are all aware of the various perspectives of the damage caused by the NCP system needed to make our movement as comprehensive as possible.


We canŐt do it without you! And you benefit!

Every day sooner we move to this level is a day sooner that your parenthood will be restored... literally!  Do you want to be a full parent by next year or the year after?  If so, then let's take CPR to the next level together and become the political force that the righteousness we possess demands!  At this point, the completion date of our mission is determined by the level of involvement that CPR is able to display in all areas of the reform movement. So, have it clear in your mind that your immediate commitment will result in you having your relationship with your child(ren) restored sooner than later. We stand 100% on the side of righteousness.  Together as an organization, we can present that clearly, boldly, and forcibly.


Involvement equals well-being and empowerment! 

Another factor to consider is actually selfish.  As a member of CPR's Inner Circle, you will feel empowered because you are actually fighting the forces of oppression and destruction.  Furthermore, you will find an even greater level of shared experience and affinity than you do at our monthly meetings.  From personal experience I can state with complete honesty that the level of sanity I feel in this horror is directly proportional to the level of involvement I have with CPR.  Not only does CPR provide hope, but affirmation to my pain and to my vision of what is right and just for my child.  If you find this evil too great to deal with, I encourage you to consider that it is actually through involvement that the "damaged goods" that each of us is as an NCP can actually be reversed!  I truly find my sanity to be directly proportional to the level at which I am involved.   

Lastly, one of the many devastating things that happens in the process of becoming an NCP is not only the lowering of the father's mental health and capabilities of functioning as effectively as before the onset of the victimization, but also tangible functioning as a successful person in our society.  Effective involvement in this historical organization will afford each of us the chance of gaining a glowing letter of recommendation to help alleviate some of that tangible damage as we move forward as individuals and parents.   This could also prove invaluable in your custody battle.


You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by getting involved at this critical juncture in history with the organization that WILL change the system in Minnesota and provide the template for organizations throughout the remaining 49 states. 


While the tendency for the NCP is to alternate between emotional implosive retreating isolationism and explosive enragement, sharing this effort with others who relate to the degradation, persecution, destruction, and pain within the context of the power of CPR, its positiveness, and its complete righteousness, can truly be uplifting, restoring, and empowering. 


It is up to each one of us, and I encourage you to consider that the resolution to the horror in your individual life is to not "crawl under a rock and wait," but to stand together as powerfully as possible.  Increased involvement in CPR IS your way to improve your existing position!


With great respect for your pain, and for a commitment to its elimination, and a desire to share hope with you,


Chad Barthelemy

Acting Volunteer Coordinator