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Center for Parental Responsibility
P.O. Box 130776
Roseville, MN 55113
Voicemail: (651) 490-9277

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Your Steps Toward Involvement in CPR:

STEP 1: Complete Intake Form. Tell us the basics about your case. Provide your contact information so we can add you to our list and send you email updates, meeting announcements, interesting information, etc. We need to build our database of interested and affected citizens to prove to legislators that people care about family law reform. We can work to connect you with someone in CPR who would be familiar with your situation.


STEP 2: Become a Member. With a $50 annual membership you receive a FREE 7 minute DVD about CPR that you can show to others and help build awareness of the problems in family law. A $20 membership is also available. As volunteers are available, after you complete your $50 membership, you will try schedule a one hour FREE session with a CPR expert to review your case and receive 3 pieces of valuable information that will help guide you to get the results you are seeking. With a membership, you also receive discounts on videos, seminars, and other services.


STEP 3: Attend Monthly Meetings. Both members and non-members and any guests you want to bring are invited to this FREE educational meeting that occurs once a month at William Mitchell College of Law. Judges, attorneys, custody evaluators, and other family law professionals volunteer their time to present. Opportunity for Q&A. Be a regular and empower yourself to become educated and network with others who have experienced similar circumstances.


STEP 4: Write Your Story. In order to gain media attention, legislative interest, preparation for a lawyer, or a listening ear from people who need to hear your story, you must write your story (what happened in your case) in 2 pages or less. Unfortunately, people who have never experienced the horrors of family court don’t have a very long attention span. Make your story powerful – select the more egregious problems. Include a section on how the courts lack of equal support for both parents has negatively impacted your children. Once you have someone’s attention and interest, only then can you elaborate. By writing your story you learn to communicate the important details of your case in a succinct, concise and chronological order. This ensures that more people will listen. If you ramble all over the place, people will tune you out. Once you have your story written, if you are willing to “go public” we will arrange a time at a film production studio for you to tell your story on tape for possible future Cable TV programming.


STEP 5: Volunteer Your Time and Talents to CPR. Whether you have one hour a month or 15 hours a month, we need your help to sustain and grow the organization. Decide what you enjoy, what gifts, talents, and professional skill and expertise you already have, and how much time you are willing to commit. Get connected. The more you give of your time and talents, the more you get back in return. We especially need managers and leaders willing to CHAIR committees and manage a team of 3-6 volunteers. See the list of needs, fill out the form and mail it back to CPR.


STEP 6: Meet with Your State County Commissioner/Legislators/US Congress. Identify the elected officials in your area, with a simple search. A 15 minute meeting is all it takes – just make sure they know family law reform is an important issue to their constituents – and they must know the damage that is occurring to good law abiding citizens and they must know the damage to involved responsible parents who want to step up to the plate and be effective parents, and focus on how family court bias negatively impacts your children.


STEP 7: Financial Support. We are a 501(c)(3) and all contributions are tax-deductible. In order to maintain basic operating expenses and grow the organization to the next level, so we are better able to meet the many needs of a growing list of members and support our mission, we need your financial support. We appreciate your individual financial donations; we appreciate when you refer us to people who have financial resources they can contribute to support a good cause; sometimes your employer will match your pledge – please inquire; you can also designate your United Way pledge to CPR. You can change this at any time throughout the year. On the United Way form see “Donor Choice: Non Partner Agencies, other designations,” and write in Center for Parental Responsibility, Roseville, MN. CPR information is on file with United Way. A list of specific fundraising projects will be provided upon request.


STEP 8: Help Build Grass Roots Public Awareness.


Write Letters to the Editor at Newspapers. Media is critical to build awareness of the problems with family law. Watch for articles related to family law and respond with a letter to the editor that explains the current bias and destructive policies and laws. Even if your letter doesn’t get published you will make a difference. The more letters they get on the subject, the more likely a newspaper will select one to print.


Make Calls to Talk Radio. Anytime a talk radio show discusses a topic remotely related to family law, call in and explain what really goes on ... and always put in a plug for CPR (tell people to get educated and attend meetings).


STEP 9: Walk With God. The destruction of the family is a spiritual battle. Empower yourself by connecting with a fellowship of believers who can encourage you in your faith walk. With God all things are possible. He loves you; He cares for you; He wants the best for you. Gain access to His will for your life.


STEP 10: EDUCATE Yourself. Information is Power. CPR will share our research with you. CPR will help become a clearing house for the significant information relevant to your case and to family law reform in general.