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Center for Parental Responsibility
P.O. Box 130776
Roseville, MN 55113
Voicemail: (651) 490-9277

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We’re Looking to Support You if You Have Divorce/Paternity Issues With:

1)      Parenting Time. Has your time with your children been unfairly limited or deprived completely? Do you find that neither the court or the police will enforce your court ordered parenting time or hold the other parents accountable to support your time and relationship with your children? Does your ex engage in parental alienation that is affecting your relationship with your children?

2)      Legal or Physical Custody. Have you been dismissed with the label of “non-custodial parent” and felt subsequently diminished as a parent? Are you in the early stages of divorce or paternity action and in jeopardy of being diminished as a parent? Do you have problems accessing school records and medical records?

3)      Government Intrusion. Do you wonder why the county attorney is at every hearing? Do you wonder how they became a party in your case? Do you wonder why you see a magistrate instead of a real judge? Do you wonder why it seems you have no rights? Do you wonder where and why all these people from the county are coming out of the wood-work against you: case workers who treat you like criminals, Guardian Ad Litems that advocate for the other parent, custody evaluators that see no value in two parents, etc.? Do you know what Title IV-D is? If you pay your support to the state, the government is involved in your personal life beyond what it should be. Once you are in the program, your personal information is shared with over 40 agencies. Learn more.

4)      Excessive Child Support. Has your child support been set erroneously high because it was based on imputed income? Are you in arrears because you lost your job and the county won’t modify your support? Do you wonder what this new “income shares” is all about and how it will affect you? Do you feel like nothing more than a paycheck?

5)      A Desire to Advocate for Family Law Reform. Most people who have been through this unfair bias system that strips one parent from the child(ren) find that once their own personal case has settled a bit, they want to do whatever they can to prevent the bias from happening to anyone else ever again – especially their sons. Nothing will change unless citizens get involved. Your help is needed.