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     "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." Thomas Jefferson

Title IV-D of the Social Security Act

Title IV-D is lingo you must learn if you are to effectively work towards understanding, changing, or fighting the family law (domestic relations) system. If you receive a monthly child support statement from the state “payment center,” and if you make your support payments to the state instead of directly to the other parent, then your family problems are no longer a private matter; and rightly or wrongly, your private problems have become a public matter, under the control and heavy hand of the government, and you are a Title IV-D case. Over 77% of the current Title IV-D cases may not belong in the public system, and your case might be one of them.

The states have domestic relations law for individuals to handle their family law issues privately. The federal government provides aid to children when the parents are unable. Because the program is taxpayer funded, the federal government has specific laws the states must follow regarding children for whom the government has determined they must “take charge,” in lieu of the parents ability to do so themselves.


            --  The Complete History of Child Support and Title IV-D


The following materials may help you understand Title IV-D and facilitate proper change:

·     History/Overview


            --  Welfare for the Affluent, by Molly K Olson


            --  2009 IVD Press Release by Molly K Olson

·     Federal Title IV-D Law


            --  Compilation of Social Security Laws

            --  Title IV-D (Child Support and Establishment of Paternity)  -- See Part D of this link

            --  Federal Code of Regulations

            -- ATs: Office of Child Support Enforcement Action Transmittals

            -- PIQ's: Office of Child Support Enforcement Policy Interpretation Questions 

            -- IM: Office of Child Support Enforcement Information Memoranda

            -- DCL: Office of Child Support Enforcement Dear Colleague Letter
            -- TCC: Office of Child Support Enforcement Technical Content Correspondence


·     Congressional Research Service Reports (CRS)


            -- CRS Reports - Title IV-D Child Support

            -- CRS Reports - Archive by Subject

·     Ask Your Lawyer Brochure, “What is Title IV-D”

·     Title IV-D services

·     Title IV-D problem

·     Related Case Law

·     CPR Eligibility Bill, HF1031 / SF974

·     CPR Eligibility Bill, 19 minute audio

·     CPR Eligibility Bill, Press Release

·     CPR Eligibility Bill, Tell your legislator to vote YES

·     Why MN DHS opposes the bill, “3/22 Packet” includes 3 page DHS memo and 22 page CPR rebuttal

·     Objecting to Title IV-D services in your case, “42 USC 1301 d Parental Objection Notice”

·     2009 Updates


POLICY BRIEF - Real State Budget Reform: A Proposal For Solving Minnesota Budget Deficit Without Raising Taxes, March 2009.
By: Minnesota budget Solutions (Included IV-D reform and eligibility standards issue as provided by CPR to save over $100 million a year, see page 4 of report).

2009-2010 MN State Legislative Session - IV-D Eligibility Bill
Rep. Peggy Scott (R) has authored HF2384,(full text & co-authors available on link)
Sen. David Hann (R) has authored SF2164,(full text & co-authors available on link)


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