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Center for Parental Responsibility
P.O. Box 130776
Roseville, MN 55113
Voicemail: (651) 490-9277

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Who is CPR?

Center for Parental Responsibility

CPR was founded in January 2003 by a grass roots group of concerned citizens affected by family law. Through life experiences of close friends and family, the female founder saw the impact of prejudice against non-custodial parents. Appalled by the obvious discrimination and overt bias against non-custodial parents in family court, CPR was established under the belief that the family is the primary battleground between the forces of good and evil. Because of this spiritual battle, CPR is established as a faith-based organization to preserve and restore the fractured family, to protect children.

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CPR Vision Statement: A diverse, inter-denominational, faith-based, non-partisan, moderate, gender-neutral, non-profit public policy and educational organization to restore, preserve, protect, and encourage equal rights and equal responsibilities of both parents to protect children.
*currently under umbrella of tax-exempt 501 c(3) organization, Providence House



CPR Mission Statement: Bold advocacy, practical education, and compassionate support, pursuing thoughtful, thorough, and accurate analysis that promotes justice for parents and leads people to responsible action that results in less government and protects the rights and responsibilities of both parents equally; this pursuit is to ensure the best interests of children and encourage their healthy development, by encouraging fair judicial decisions that allow citizens to resolve parental differences privately and strengthen fractured and hurting families.


Guiding Values and Principles for Code of Conduct

  • Cooperative and Collaborative Strategy to Promote and Effect Change
  • Listen with an Open Non-Judgmental Mindset and a Teachable Spirit
  • Respect the Process of Rational Dialogue, without offensive pressure
  • Honesty/Integrity/Discernment/Compassion
  • Confront Conflict in a Civil Way that will not Destroy the Professional or Personal Relationships and Speak the Truth in Love
  • Passion to Influence in the Spirit of Wisdom and Truth
  • Promote Intelligent Perspectives by Getting all the Information and Opinions before Making a Decision
  • Courage to Challenge the Status Quo Through Social Activism
  • Equal Rights and Equal Responsibility that promote authentic Freedom


What CPR Provides

    • Experienced legislative research analysts provide historical perspective on intent and purpose of legislation, and summarize related case law to empower educated reform.
    • Educational Booklets. The “Ask Your Lawyer …” © booklets are a trademark series of educational materials on a variety of topics.
    • Educational CD’s and Video’s. Provide information.
    • Educational Meetings. A place to connect and learn about updates on legislative issues, public hearings, etc. Provide specific direction on how to make a difference. Receive Information Is Power! ©
    • The strategic Make A Difference ! © campaigns empower people to help themselves and others, offer hope, and fulfill their desire to serve, for the protection and restoration of the family.
    • Legislative Citizen Lobbyists. A separate arm of CPR has been formed to lobby local, state, and federal government to ensure legislation that will help fulfill the mission.
    • Volunteer Opportunities. An organized approach to help fulfill the mission – help a little or a lot – whatever your schedule allows.
    • Support Groups. Share stories … get ideas …find healing.
    • Networking Opportunities. Get to know people with shared issues.
    • Referral Network. Because CPR will be unable to meet the needs of all individuals in all cases, contact information will be made available for organizations that specialize in all family matters.
Our Role-Models – for their humanistic conciliatory activism, not their politics
Jesus Christ Elie Wiesel Rosa Parks
Mahatma Gandhi Erin Brockevich Martin Luther King Jr.

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